American Association for Italian Studies


Dear colleagues,

We have moved to a new host as of June 12, 2017. You can find our new website at

Come visit us and explore our new home!

–The Executive Committee

Some of the features of our new site:

- Forums: these will replace the list-serve and are THE place for members to discover CFPs, job postings, publication announcements, and research queries! There will also be caucus specific forums so that caucus members can communicate with each other almost instantaneously. Members will be able to subscribe to all the forums open to them, or pick and choose the ones that most interest them!

- Membership: Members will be able to easily access their own membership information and personalize their profile as they see fit, sharing as much or as little as they feel comfortable with (although we do recommend sharing more rather than less as only other members will be able to view those details). You can even add a picture to make yourself easily identifiable! Membership will also be managed quite easily through WildApricot, with automated reminders of when you need to renew, and the ability to pay and receive invoices online using PayPal!

If change is something you don’t enjoy, have no fear! There is a simple 11-minute video on youtube that will guide you through the new platform. You can access it by clicking here.